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Power for Vision and Purpose

January 22, 2012 , , ,

My friend and coach at #Nebo Kate Ebner has a weekly podcast on visionary leaders at 8am Pacific Time on Mondays.  Check out this weeks installment.

You have a purpose, no matter what age you are, how healthy you are or what your economic or social situation is, according to our next guest, Richard Leider, author of the international bestseller, The Power of Purpose. Your purpose is the reason you were born, and it can be what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Purpose sounds simple, but many people struggle to find meaning in their lives, especially during times of transition and change. In fact, I find that the more talents and options someone has, the more confusing it can be to recognize one’s calling. Yet knowing one’s purpose is the first and most fundamental step towards creating a meaningful vision that is truly inspiring for your life and career.

Over the past three decades, Richard Leider’s work has changed people’s lives all over the world. Please join me on Monday, January 23rd for a special conversation that will help you connect with your own purpose.


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