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Don’t Believe All Your Thoughts

March 3, 2012 , ,

Excerpt from an interview with Byron Katie, author of “Love What Is…”

“I understood that my suffering stems from the fact that I believe my thoughts. And suddenly all the darkness disappeared, and was replaced by an awareness of that.”

Please explain that.

When we believe in our thoughts, when we tell ourselves a story, we suffer. “My husband doesn’t respect me.” “I should be thinner.” Those are stories. When there’s no story, there’s no suffering.

Often depression led me to lie on the floor. And I got nothing out of that. Except for a big mark on my back.

In effect, I experienced one moment of total clarity. Have you ever felt that way? One moment of clarity?

Maybe for an instant.

That’s the difference between my moment of clarity and yours. I also found the way to remain awake and lucid − the solution to the problem. I changed overnight. It was an entirely different person in a familiar body. It was hard even for my children to recognize me. And all I did was question my thoughts. Anyone who sits down and writes his thoughts on paper and questions their source can receive that moment of clarity. He can also prolong it.

I feel sorry for the newspaper that will have to tolerate my thoughts.

For me that experience is totally different. I meet my thoughts with understanding and acceptance. I check whether or not they’re correct.


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