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Big Smile, Happy Kiss

March 12, 2012 , , ,

From the Times of India

When did you ever hear of a relationship breaking up because you were happy or your spouse was happy? You only hear of marriages breaking up because there’s nagging, negativity, mundaneness or lack of energy in the relationship.

Laughter and happiness are contagious. A good laugh is like opening windows and letting sunshine into a musty room. We all seek happiness from others, from possessions or circumstances and events, but when was the last time you decided that you were going to be that fountain or source of happiness for others?

No matter how contrived it feels at first, it works wonders to start your morning with a big smile, a happy kiss and a warm, enthusiastic ‘good morning’! Imagine what you would want from your partner be it a joke a day to make you laugh, a big smile when asked for something as small and routine as a glass of water, a tight hug when you come home tired, and then, instead of expecting it, why don’t you be the giver of such joy? It costs nothing to be kind, to be nice, to be warm, to be affectionate, to be loving, to be positive, to be vibrant or to simply exude happiness. So why ration these attributes? It’s a very simple formula; happiness breeds happiness, negativity breeds negativity. And if your partner is negative, you can let your positivity outshine it. Do you let your partners’ negativity or your positivity determine the dynamics of the relationship? The choice is yours as to which you allow to be stronger.


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