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#Happiness at Work

April 6, 2012 , ,

by Renie Cavallari

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How do we find happiness in an unpredictable workplace?

We’ve all had those days when we say, “I’ve had it. I’m quitting.” But quitting usually isn’t the best solution. It is a fantasy that the grass is always greener on the other side. In the majority of cases, it’s just a pasture we don’t know.

Instead of focusing our energies on what is wrong, we need to focus on what is right and how we can make it even better. If we focus on how to make small improvements, over time we create a positive environment for ourself and others. Positivity can change anything.

You create your own positive environment through how you engage with others and your perspective toward situations around you. There are six pillars that help us create better relationships and environments. These are the foundation of our happiness.

Pillar 1: Connection.

This is about how we feel about each other, that sense of camaraderie and rapport. It allows for trust. Strengthening connections with co-workers improves our work environment. You have to work at connection and be willing to create it with people who may not think and act like you.

Pillar 2: Clean communication.

Clean communication is saying something in a way another person can hear. If you break rapport in your communication, you break connection. Also, listening is at the heart of all communication. The best communicators listen more than talk. A normal conversation should be 50 percent talking and 50 percent listening.

Pillar 3: Compassion.

That sense of understanding, empathy and acceptance we can choose to have with another person. It is our own choice to find what is right and be supportive of others even when we disagree. When we stand in judgment of others, we tend to create negative energy, which only creates negativity and scarcity and limits people and their potential.

Pillar 4: Higher purpose.

When we focus on how our work as an organization and as an individual impacts the lives of others, we think about our work differently. How we think affects how we feel and that determines how we participate.

Pillar 5: Participation.

Are you engaged? The more you engage in the workplace, the more pride and enthusiasm you will feel for your work. When we look to others to motivate us, we tend to perform at a mediocre level. When we allow others to inspire us, it powers us to participate at a more passionate level. This is where the top performers play.

Pillar 6: Responsibility.

Take responsibility for your work product, your perspective and look for how to make things a little better. Deliver results, and you will get noticed.

Remember, happiness is a choice. Happiness is not what happens, but what we choose to focus on, and how we choose to engage in our lives. You have the power to create your positive environment. Don’t give that power away.

Renie Cavallari, chief inspiration officer and CEO of Aspire, can be reached at

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