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Do a “This is Your Life” Slideshow…for Yourself!

June 4, 2012

Breathe & Smile

You’ve probably made them yourself for other people.  Maybe a friend was getting married, moving away, or retiring.  You collected the best photos of that person, put some nostalgic music behind it, and everyone cried, even you!  It may have been a touch corny, but it served it purpose.  That person and everyone appreciated what a wonderful, glorious life that person has led.  Regardless of circumstances, there’s always something to celebrate.

Now I want you to do the same thing but for you, using your own photos.  You don’t need a special occasion, in fact, it’s probably better there’s not.  Take the best photos from all your trips, schools, friends’ parties, holidays, family, etc, choose your own apropo music, and let it fly.

Why?  Because there are times that you probably aren’t so high on life, times you don’t think you went down the right path, and time you’re wondering where you went wrong.  You didn’t.  You’re OK, and you have the photos to prove it.  Despite whatever long, strange trip its been, you have moments where you’ve reaped the bounty of life.  I just want you to remind yourself sometimes.

Give it a try.  It’ll be fun.


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