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What would Scrooge’s 3 Ghosts Be Telling You?

December 21, 2012

By Jim, Breathe & Smile

There are some really potent happiness lessons we can learn from two classic Christmas stories.

1.  Scrooge.  It took three ghosts for Scrooge to learn the true meaning of life and humanity.  What would those ghosts be telling you?  What lesson haven’t you learned yet?  Go through the process.  If the ghost of years past came to you, what scene would he show you?  What would be the lesson that he’d want you to learn?  Now go to the present.  Does that dynamic persists today or this week?  When the ghost transports Scrooge by the touch of his sleeve, where would he take you?  Set the scene for me and visualize it yourself.  What’s the lesson and feel it in your gut.  Finally, the ghost of the future…if you don’t learn this lesson, what will happen?  You may not die like Scrooge, but your future may not be as bright.  What are people saying and doing?  Do you see it?  Now you wake up and its Christmas morning.  The ghosts all came to you in one night.  You can make the change.  Just as Scrooge went and bought the fattest turkey for Tiny Tim, go and do some action that will help you not only learn but implement your lesson learned.


2.  It’s a Wonderful Life.  Half way through the movie, George Bailey wants to kill himself.  He compares himself to his famous brother, realizes he didn’t get to fulfill his dreams, and thinks he didn’t measure up.  The grass was greener somewhere else.  Yet, when the angel shows him what would have happened if he didn’t exist at all, he sees how his life positively affected others.  Maybe happiness is not about traveling the world, being a fighter pilot, or striking it rich inventing plastics.  Maybe happiness, purpose, and meaning just come from having a small but positive ripple effects on the people around you.  Now think if you were George Bailey.  If an angel came to you and showed you what people’s lives would be like if you didn’t exist, what would he show you?  How would others be negatively effected?  Don’t just think of the big stuff, but all the love and support you give and all the people you touch, however small, in a single day.

If these stories help you see your worth, just by being you, you may hear a bell.  That’s an angel getting their wings.


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