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1/2 Hour to Eat Ice Cream? #Slow Foods should be Slow Eats!

January 24, 2013 ,

By Jim Rettew

I just took a 1/2 hour to eat a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee ice cream.  Usually, I’m like a Dyson vacuum cleaner to it.  I could put it down in 2 minutes.  I even melt it to make it go down easier (don’t want any brain freezes slowing me down.)  But what happens when you do slow down?  I mean really slow down?  

Here’s what I want you to do.  Get a bowl of your favorite ice cream.  Put it in front of you and observe it.  What does it look like?  What is it doing?  Observe your own feelings to it.  What are they?  When you dip your spoon in, only get some on the tip.  Don’t take a whole spoonful.  When  you take a bite, really savor it.  Feel it start to melt in your mouth.  Feel the texture.  Taste the different tastes – creamy, sugary, even salty.  Move it around to activate all your tastes buds.  Spend 30 seconds on each bite.

What results is  a five senses fireworks show.

First of all, you no longer wish for more before you even begin.  You sense of scarcity goes away.  What looked like just a small bowl now looks like a mountain.  Dieters take note:  you will start to eat less without feeling like you’ve been cheated.

You’ll notice that the pleasure you take from your sense of taste is the same whether you take a big bite or a small one, and by making it last longer, you’ll be able to enjoy it longer.

You’ll notice subtleties in the taste and texture of your favorite foods that you never noticed.  It’s the difference between a quartet and a full orchestra.

You’ll notice the smells that set up the taste.

You’re curiosity will peak just exploring the different textures you never noticed.

You’ll also notice some interesting negative reactions.  Are you getting impatient?  Are you starting to rationalize why you have to eat fast?  Is there a little voice in your head saying “speed up!”

It’s just food, I know, but doing this (when you have the time) is an interesting experiment of savoring the simple happy moments that we often gloss over.



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