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What do Happy People Do?

January 25, 2013 , , , , , , , ,


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From the Happiness Enhancement Group

Most of us can bring to mind someone who drinks deeply form the ‘cup of life,’ someone with an undeniable ‘joie de vivre,’ a naturally expressed zest for life, and an enthusiasm for living.  These people often have the ability to laugh even during unpleasant situations and at their own undesirable traits.  They have a knack for seeking out fun activities and in making mundane activities fun.

They often enjoy the things they have to do as much as the things they choose to do. They indulge intensely in the beauty and pleasures of the world, but they rarely overindulge. They are infinitely wise—yet they sometimes act like a child. They are usually a magnet for friends, family, and strangers alike. They are nourishing to be around: we feel better about ourselves when we are with them. They almost always return hurt with loving-kindness and in time even their enemies usually become friends. They see beauty were others see none.

They cry as genuinely as they laugh—without apology. Those who enjoy life the most are not motivated by external attention or reward, but simply through the intrinsic enjoyment of all life has to offer. They are never too rigid in their plans, since they realize that much joy in life comes from the unplanned side trips. They savour the mysterious by remaining open to new people and experiences. They also learn as much as they can—they realize that the people who enjoy things the most are those who know the most about it.

They listen—because they know they have never learned anything while they were talking. Their energy and attention is not focused on making themselves happy, they are focused on making others happy. They dismiss judgmental or self-critical thinking because they know that truth is the cure for both low self-esteem and overconfidence. They do their best to live with integrity—there is transparency between their public and private lives; there is little difference between who they are and who they say they are. They let go of ego. Instead of worrying about their reputations (what people think of them) they worry about their characters (who they really are) they know the rest will take care of itself. They embody their values in mind, words, and deeds. They have no desire to be anywhere but where they are—if they cannot live in the present they realize they cannot live anywhere. They cannot tell the difference between work and play. With equal validity, they can say they have worked every day of their lives or that they have never worked a day. These individuals also do not hold on to the pleasant feelings in life as though they are the only ones worth having.

They believe they have control, but they do not need to be in control. They understand that struggle means growth and that without sour there can be no sweet. They recognize that living their lives to impress others is to appear happy rather than to be happy. Instead of trying to get people to fall in love with them they try to fall in love with other people—this is why we love them. They take risks. They work to remove unnecessary suffering in the world, and do not artificially protect themselves from necessary hurt. They know that those who love the most are the lucky ones, so they love with no expectation of return. And in the process happy people will always end up getting more than they give.



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